Letter: Why we won’t rally around Trump

Published: 6/28/2020 12:01:14 AM

In his letter of June 22, a reader praised President Donald Trump’s efforts on the coronavirus and urged us to support him in his actions to beat the pandemic, as Americans have rallied to presidents in time of war. Setting aside the fact that Trump is actually doing little now on the issue, and has stopped talking about it, his performance is inadequate, uninformed, and not up to the challenge.

Trump has consistently downplayed the coronavirus problem. He claimed that the number of cases would drop to zero soon, back in February. He claimed anyone who needed the coronavirus test could get one at a time when everyone working on the problem knew that was false. He pushed an unproven treatment that has since been shown ineffective. He has often stifled or contradicted those in the scientific leadership of the country when they try to speak out on the problem. He has praised governors who have reduced control measures in direct contradiction of his own guidelines. And he has chosen to promote an “anti-mask” movement despite the evidence that such use is helpful. He has been an abject failure of leadership.

As our leader, Trump cannot be compared to Franklin Roosevelt or Harry Truman. A better comparison might be to Neville Chamberlain of Great Britain, who failed to recognize the threat of Germany and was removed from office. That, not blind support, is what is needed.



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