Letter: Trump the libertine

Published: 6/27/2017 12:01:18 AM
Trump the libertine

A common response to critics of Donald Trump is that they are liberals who were disappointed Hillary Clinton wasn’t elected. It’s a non sequitur. Many liberals opposed Hillary Clinton and preferred Bernie Sanders. I personally was relieved Hillary didn’t win because she would have been under constant investigation the way Trump is now.

We seem also to forget that there was a large contingent of Never Trump conservatives offended by his crude remarks and insulting tweets, which have continued into his presidency. Conservative hawks are horrified at his lax attitude about Russia. Freedom caucus members don’t feel Trump is conservative enough. The fact is that Trump is not conservative, liberal or libertarian. He is a libertine who spurns social and moral convention.

He lies all the time. He sees people of modest means and the poor as unqualified to occupy leadership positions in his administration. He views women as sexual objects that he rates on a numerical scale. There is little racial diversity in his Cabinet. He is a patronizing autocrat who admires strong-men dictators around the world. He fears transparency and doesn’t support the First Amendment rights of the press.

On the world stage, he is a loose cannon who endangers America rather than making it safer. He whines about being the object of a witch hunt. This is the same man who endorsed birtherism and accused the father of Ted Cruz of being a conspirator in the JFK assassination.

Trump has proven himself to be thin-skinned and unable to take the heat. His temperament is erratic and he seems unhinged from reality. This should concern every American, regardless of their political persuasion.

Frank Warman


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