Katy Burns: Trump is unfit for office and must go now

Monitor columnist
Published: 1/7/2021 12:56:11 PM
Modified: 1/7/2021 12:55:59 PM

Like millions of other Americans my husband and I were mesmerized – and horrified – by the images on the television screen Wednesday as, for the first time since the British stormed Washington in 1814, hostile forces invaded and occupied our Capitol building.

In the case of the Brits, they burned the building to the ground. In the current case, the vandals contented themselves with ransacking lawmakers’ desks and pilfering some of their belongings before generally trashing the joint.

Oh, and the 2021 invaders weren’t hostile foreign forces.

They were good old Americans, acolytes of our president, Donald Trump, who since his solid rejection by voters in November has been determined to ignore reality and has whipped his delusional supporters into a frenzy of magical thinking and – in this case – urged them to march on the Capitol.

If there is anything that demonstrates – beyond a scintilla of a doubt – that Trump is utterly unfit to hold the office, it is his siccing of his rabid attack dogs on the nation’s lawmakers, his flat out incitement to violence.

Those of us watching as events unfolded with an awful inevitability on the screen, had a glimmering of what it must feel like to live in a real banana republic.

And the rest of the world had a first-class seat at our awful party as cameras carried our shameful disorder and even anarchy to the rest of the globe. Yes, the people we have so much fun looking down our noses at now can watch us squirm as our dysfunctional government bumbles its way through this self-inflicted mess.

We stand revealed as a nation without a leader while the utterly self-absorbed playboy who has never achieved anything of lasting value in his pampered life drags the rest of us through the last agonizing days of his awful reign.

If Donald Trump had a speck of honor or even self-esteem, he would even at this late date resign after his disgraceful performance, but he won’t. Because he has too much to lose.

Remember reading about those old maps inscribed with a warning, “Beyond these borders be dragons”? Well, in this case, beyond the privileged sanctuary of Trump’s White House be prosecutors and subpoena servers and bill collectors, all looking for their pound of flesh – and God knows there’s a lot of it.

Before his foray into politics and his unfortunate election as president, Donald Trump was just another ne’er-do-well rich guy whose business life was one shady deal after another, and no one – other than his investors and creditors – really much cared about his tangled finances, his sleazy deals, or his slipshod ethics. Like many of his ilk he sailed beneath the radar of the wider world.

But his sudden assumption of power brought a lot of questioning reporters with their prying eyes and their unfortunate – for Donald – tendency to snoop beneath the surface.

Turns out that this master of the deal – a sobriquet, by the way, which was invented by a clever ghost writer working on Trump’s first “autobiography” – never did know beans about actual deals. He was managed by lawyers and banks and was the recipient of phenomenal good luck, starting with being totally underwritten by his filthy rich and indulgent father, who for years routinely bailed out the hapless “deal maker.”

In fact, his last TV outing, The Apprentice, wholly scripted by others, came along just in time to replenish the nearly broke Trump’s bank account.

And even now, we’ve learned, he owes more than $300 million – yes, 300 million dollars – to unknown foreign creditors. Most of us cannot even really conceive of such a sum.

The man loves to talk tough, but he is a coward who has fled from actual physical combat all his life – witness the foot doctor who got him out of the Vietnam-era draft by writing that bone spurs on his feet disqualified him from service.

And now, it turns out, this man who has spent his life avoiding risk to his precious persona, has openly solicited insurrection on the part of others. Living in the White House – our White House, the people’s White House – the utterly unprincipled Donald Trump sought the help of his foolish acolytes to bring down the government which he no longer finds congenial.

This utterly contemptible human being – who does not deserve the fealty of his loyal supporters – should be cut loose. Not on January 20. Now.

(“Monitor” columnist Katy Burns lives in Bow.)

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