Letter: A call to action

Thursday, November 09, 2017
A call to action

“Psychiatrists and psychologists say Trump’s emotional state is a danger to us all”: That is the heading to a masterfully written opinion column (Monitor Forum, Nov. 1).

In the article, Dr. Robert Kiefner, a well-known and respected Concord physician, presents a logical, thorough and frightening examination of the present “leader” of our country.

It is a must read for us all. Among the many meaningful areas of concern he presents include the following (I encourage fellow readers to read/reread the whole article):

The urgency of demand for action on our parts is illustrated in this quote from the column: “With each nonsensical tweet and spiteful executive order, another thread of the American tapestry is unraveled. It is painful enough to witness daily initiatives that degrade the environment, endanger our credibility in the world, jeopardize access to health care, threaten public education, accelerate income inequality, and undermine the rights of women and minorities. . . . We now find ourselves at a crucial junction, faced with . . . a president who once asked, ‘Why do we have so many nuclear weapons if we are not going to use them?’ ”

I am not the only one angered, scared and ashamed Donald Trump is (supposedly) speaking for me (us).

It’s time for my words to become actions. It’s time to contact the elected officials who can oust him before it’s too late.