Letter: A painful truth

Thursday, November 09, 2017
A painful truth

This is the truth about opiates. I am among the sickest of the sick, with several auto immune diseases that cause indescribable pain every day. Yes, ladies, there is something worse than labor.

Enter Maggie Hassan and the opiate crisis. As always, if there’s a problem, throw some money at it. The result is that the street junkies are getting their drugs, but the people like me are made to suffer even more. Our doctors will not prescribe to us unless we are in hospice. Enter pain clinics. Every 28 days we have to drag ourselves to people who make us sign contracts and go through constant urine tests. We are treated like dirt. I am in palliative care but not yet sick enough for hospice. I have contacted Hassan on more than one occasion, but she doesn’t seem interested. I can’t believe nobody was smart enough to make exceptions for us, or did they just not care.