Letter: Car insurance and college students

Published: 5/30/2020 12:01:25 AM

College students often have a parent’s automobile in their possession while attending school. Insurance companies have special designations for the licensed children of car owners, while they are away in the military or at school, and for cars that are garaged at a different location. Parents insure vehicles in their hometown, but they’re charged based on the car’s location. Parents often have good liability coverage, so if their car is involved in an accident, damages and injuries are usually compensated. Many young auto owners do not purchase car insurance due to the high cost. Parents cannot insure the cars in New Hampshire unless they reside here.

When a student obtains a New Hampshire driver’s license, that removes them from the liability protection of the parents’ automobile and homeowners insurance policies because they are no longer considered a household member. By requiring a N.H. registration, the parents will have to transfer ownership to the student, thereby requiring a N.H. insurance policy. How many college students drive uninsured cars? How many of these cars, with multiple occupants, are involved in accidents? At what cost now?

Has anyone asked the commissioner of insurance to weigh in on the issue of uninsured accidents by folks in the 17-22 age group?

As a side note, if your business is now offering new products or delivery or take out of goods that they never did before, you need to call your insurance agent. You probably have an insurance gap.



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