Letter: Use your vote to speak out

Thursday, March 08, 2018
Use your vote to speak out

We need to find elected officials who will engage in common sense gun conversations.

We watched in horror as our children were slaughtered yet again while attending school, we shook our heads, said a silent prayer thanking God it was not my child, not in my backyard – this time. We watched our elected officials send “thoughts and prayers” to the communities of the massacred and did nothing else. With apprehension we turn on the evening news hoping that the next event has not happened – yet.

For some reason we are unable to have a common-sense conversation to reduce the number of these heinous acts.

Gov. Chris Sununu said he thinks our firearms laws “are pretty darn good” and he’s “not looking for any additional restrictions.” That is not a conversation starter.

While those words were coming out of his mouth, Republicans in Concord were putting their resources into House Bill 1749, a bill intending to impose a $5,000 fine as punishment for elected town or school board officials who dare to make policies banning guns on town or school property. That’s not a conversation starter either.

Thoughts and prayers are not enough. We need action, and we need logical conversations. National retailers are finally listening to public demand and doing what they can to stop the madness.

Since history tells us that Gov. Sununu and our locally elected representation won’t prioritize the safety of our children over their NRA ratings, then we need to remove them from office.