Letter: VA and the Bible

Published: 9/5/2019 12:01:15 AM

Vice President Mike Pence has decided to weigh in on the controversy over the Bible at the POW\MIA table at the VA Medical Center in Manchester.

Pence recently stated that he believes the Bible should stay on the table. There is a group suing the VA to take the Bible away. Pence said, “VA hospitals will not be religion-free zones.”

Nobody is asking the VA to be religion-free zones. What some of us would like is for the VA to follow the Constitution and not put one religion over another, and for the VA to be inclusive to all religions.

How does a Muslim feel when they walk past that table? Or a Jew or a Hindu? What about an atheist? Not all POW/MIA’s were Christian.

During my time at the VA I have had the opportunity to visit and minister to Muslims, Jews and, yes, atheists. It’s not practical to have the scriptures of every religion on the table, so we shouldn’t have any. Pence also stated that under the last administration, “VA hospitals were removing Bibles” to be “politically correct.” From my perspective, this is an outright lie.

When Barack Obama was in office, Bibles were everywhere and I gave them to veterans who asked. Pence said that his message to the Manchester VA is, “the Bible stays.” I wonder, if a copy of the Koran was placed on the table instead of a Bible, would Pence say, “the Koran stays”?



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