Letter: Write in Visconti on Sept. 11

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Dear Concord residents: Primary election day is Sept. 11, and you should write-in Mike Visconti for District 14 (Ward 4).

Mike is a business owner and an engaged community civil servant. He’s worked with countless businesses, and knows their issues well. He’s a graduate student and knows student loan issues inside and out. He’s also made clear his support for our Second Amendment which, as N.H. residents, we tend to value even more.

Mike has proven himself an advocate for lower taxes and for smaller government. He supports reducing state spending. And he wants to overturn the recent parking price increases.

Mike needs 35 write-ins in Concord, District 14, on Sept. 11 to be on the general election ballot. Let’s get him written in to compete for the seat in November.

Make your vote count. Vote Mike Visconti.