Letter: Volinsky has served us well

Published: 6/28/2020 12:01:40 AM

There have been several letters written lately denouncing Andy Volinsky and the other executive councilors for rejecting the nomination of Ryan Terrell, who happens to be Black, for a seat on the New Hampshire Board of Education. Volinsky and former Nashua mayor Deborah Pignatelli said they were unimpressed by Terrell’s lack of involvement to date in educational issues. Volinsky said the appointment smacked of “tokenism.”

The governor and supporters of Terrell said the rejection of his appointment was “political.” I think the more political vote would have been to go along with the nomination rather than face the criticism of voting down the first African American nominated for that board.

I don’t know anything about Ryan Terrell, but I do know Andy. I trust Andy’s judgment, and I don’t doubt his commitment to improving education in our state. His legal career included service as a public defender; he has volunteered to represent inmates facing the death penalty in other states; and he is part of the team that has strived to improve our heavily unfair system of funding education.

In a representative democracy, we elect people who we believe will best advance our values and interests. Terrell is not the first inexperienced or ideological nominee to a state board that Andy has spoken out against. The Executive Council serves as a check on the governor, and Andy has well served us in that role.



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