Letter: To address education funding, vote for Volinsky

Published: 8/25/2020 12:02:21 AM

I am writing to suggest that the extraordinary number of vetoes issued by Gov. Chris Sununu in the last two years is the opposite of democracy. Even where the bills were passed with the support of both parties, he vetoed them. The coming year will cause a big budget problem for our state unless the federal government helps out.

We have had a big problem in not funding education adequately for many decades. The result has been an ever-increasing tax burden falling on homeowners and passed on to renters. That affects most harshly the elderly and the poor.

The only candidate who wishes to recognize this problem and open discussions on the state funding system as a whole is Andru Volinsky. If you want adequate funding for education, you must vote for Volinsky on Sept. 8.



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