Letter: Why I am voting for Volinsky

Published: 9/2/2020 12:01:44 AM

There are two excellent Democratic candidates for governor. How to choose? Difficult?

No. More than two years ago, Dan Feltes asked for my vote. I had one question for him? Would he sign “The Pledge”? When he told me that he would, I told him I could not support him on that issue alone.

Andru Volinsky played a key part in the historic Claremont decisions by the N.H. Supreme Court. More recently, he has set a remarkable voting record in the Executive Council.

The court clearly spelled out the obligation of the state to support the education of its children and told the Legislature to provide a solution.

Eventually, the Legislature cobbled together legislation that the court reluctantly accepted. So instead of being a very dead last in education funding of all the 50 states, New Hampshire moved up a bit. Over time, the Legislature has nibbled away at the law so now we are back to dead last.

So what does this have to do with the upcoming election for governor? Everything. If the new Legislature puts an education funding bill on the desk of the governor – a bill that is constitutional, provides a truly adequate education for the children of New Hampshire, that is fair to all the taxpayers of New Hampshire, assures reasonable residential and business property taxes – Andy will sign that bill. It would be an automatic veto by Dan.

That is why I am voting for Andy.



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