Letter: Capitalism is not the enemy, so vote Libertarian

Published: 8/7/2019 7:00:35 AM

All of the Democratic presidential candidates are socialists, and each of them claims to be fighting a capitalist health care system.

We do not have capitalism here. In a capitalist system health care providers adjust prices and products in accordance with supply and demand. Here health care pricing and products are controlled by federal and state tax, regulatory and pricing laws. Also state and federal governments grant special deals to limit competition. Consumers are shut out from health care choices due to government regulation and prices go up while service goes down.

Capitalism is not the enemy; government regulation that reduces our choices is the enemy. True capitalism has never been allowed to operate here, and now is the time to gradually move toward freedom. Socialism “freezes” a bad system in place; capitalism constantly adjusts to bring the best products and pricing to you.

Socialists agree that the system has never worked in the past but believe that this is the result of “bad management” and a new leader is all that is required to fix the problem. No, socialism is a failed system and will only bring misery to us, no matter who runs it.

We need to gradually move to less restrictions in health care instead of implementing socialism. You need more choices.

Libertarians will be on the ballot and represent a real opportunity to bring gradual increases in health care choices. Better products and services along with lower health care prices are only a vote away.



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