Letter: Write in Salatiello in Sanbornton

Thursday, March 08, 2018
Write in Salatiello in Sanbornton

We were happy to discover that Tom Salatiello has agreed to run for the open selectmen seat in this year’s Sanbornton town election as a write-in candidate.

Tom has lived in and served the town of Sanbornton for many years. He has served as a dedicated selectmen for four terms, a member of the House of Representatives for five terms and on the school board, as well as many other town committees.

Tom has always worked hard to represent the people of Sanbornton, and he is always interested, open and responsive regarding the issues and concerns of Sanbornton residents. We believe that his prior experiences in serving Sanbornton, combined with his existing knowledge of town rules and procedures, makes him the perfect candidate to join the board of selectmen and again effectively represent the taxpayers of Sanbornton.

Please be sure to vote on election day, March 13, and to write-in Tom Salatiello on the ballot for Sanbornton selectman.