Letter: We need to take back our country

Published: 10/28/2020 12:01:45 AM

Are you a Republican who doesn’t like Donald Trump or a Democrat who worries Joe Biden isn’t Bernie, and you want to do what feels righteous? If you are thinking of not voting for president or voting for a third party, please reconsider.

In our two-party system, doing so means you’re willing to leave the decision of who will lead the country – it’ll be either Trump or Biden – to someone else. For our democracy to work, your own considered judgment and your vote for one of them is what matters. One of the two candidates is the better choice.

Trump has proven to be corrupt, unhinged, and grossly incompetent. Many of the people he has hired are equally awful. A master at creating chaos, division and hate, he’s propped up by propaganda machines and Republican politicians aiding and abetting him. He has at least one unregulated militia standing by. There’s nothing he won’t do to win re-election; there is nothing he will not do if, God forbid, he should win. He needs us to stroke his warped ego. We don’t need him.

Biden, on the other hand, will be a president for all of us. He has the right character, personality, and government experience to lead the country forward. He will strive wholeheartedly to solve our most pressing problems.

By far, Biden is the better candidate. So think blue and vote Biden. Indeed, vote Democrat straight down the ballot. We need to take our country back from the reigning insanity.



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