Letter: A vote for Miller is a vote for the Legion

Published: 10/22/2019 12:02:15 AM

Imagine attending a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Penacook. Now enhance that visual by strolling half a block up Washington Street for more caroling and refreshments in the warm and beautiful new American Legion function hall. That’s a village!

There is currently a “for and against” sentiment involving the Legion that needs to be amended. We are all Americans. We all support American troops. And we need to honor the American Legion the same way as all the other national brotherhoods and sisterhoods.

As a non-veteran, the American Legion represents an all-purpose hall to me. I have participated in a golf tournament at the Milford Legion, a Halloween party at the Merrimack Legion and a memorabilia show at a Massachusetts Legion. On a recent trip to Moosehead Lake, I asked about their Legion and was told it’s wonderful how they are involved in every community event.

In regards to the statement, “It’s just a bar,” consider that Szechuan Garden is a bar, CC Tomatoes is a bar, and Alan’s is a bar. They are all a “restaurant plus bar” the same as the Legion is a “function hall plus bar.” Unfortunately, the old building and parking lot prohibit the proper use of a function hall. That’s why they are trying to rebuild.

The American Legion is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. Please vote for Kevin Miller on Nov. 5. A vote for Miller Time is a vote for an American institution that has existed since 1919.



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