Letter: Support Gilmanton library

Sunday, March 12, 2017
Support Gilmanton library

Next Tuesday, March 14, residents of Gilmanton will vote on support for our Year-Round Library. How lucky are we that a dedicated group of volunteers raised all the money and labored many, many hours to provide us with this beautiful building? And that every year members of our community contribute to keep costs down such that Article 23 is only asking for partial funding for the year?

NHPR recently had a story about the 300th anniversary of our state library, mentioning that our state has 234 communities, and 234 public libraries. Yes, every other town in our state supports a public library to some degree.

Yearly many of us pay for local roads on which we never drive, for schools even though we do not have children in them, and for public safety services even though, thankfully, we have never needed them. So even if you do not use the library, many in our community do.

Like libraries across the globe, ours has been adapting to the digital age, offering many services other than lending books: Internet connection, computer use, e-book loans, DVDs, passes to state museums, etc.

Yet, some in our community are clinging to a long-held grudge about an aspiration once expressed that perhaps money could be raised for the on-going expenses of the library. It was never a promise, and it is beyond time to let it go.

Be grateful for what we have and vote “yes” on Article 23 on Tuesday.