Letter: Blatant voter suppression

Thursday, December 14, 2017
Blatant votersuppression

The United States is a dynamic and mobile society. While some people stay put in one place for years, others are constantly on the move as students, members of the military or people seeking new work opportunities.

All of these people together make up the citizenry of the state while many of the concerns of these various groups are complementary. For instance, a college student may be trying to get the best education possible at a reasonable price. For them tuition costs are a major concern. Match that with the old-time New Englander who has no children residing in the state but owns a home. Their concern is to perhaps lower their property taxes. Each has their own interests, but each is different.

When the New Hampshire Legislature attempts, through House Bill 372, to eliminate the vote of one segment of the population, mainly students, through stringent residency requirements that demand the student pledge to stay in the state indefinitely or pay a poll tax in the form of registering their cars in the state, they are attempting to choke off a voice of an important part of the citizenry. This should not be.

All citizens, in the various stages of their lives, must be able to participate in the electoral process wherever they are residing at that time and regardless of their future plans. To do otherwise is both unfair and undemocratic. Hopefully, the courts will find this blatant attempt at voter suppression unconstitutional.