Letter: Give voters unbiased information about candidates

Published: 10/26/2018 12:01:03 AM

These days, the country is so divided it is hard to get information about all candidates.

When I attended a forum for all candidates held at a local church, I expected to see candidates from all parties, but found only Democrats. As an independent voter, I don’t care which party candidates belong to. I vote for who I feel will best represent me and can be trusted to vote on each issue the way they think is best for all of us, not for just one party.

The two-party system was originally set up so that no party would dominate the country. However, increasingly lately everyone is expected to vote for only Republicans or only Democrats. I heard that in our state House of Representatives, when it comes time to vote these days, that one person stands up with flags to show all Democrats how to vote and another shows all Republicans how to vote. Is this true?

Some representatives seem to be proud that they have voted according to their party line every time, which is like being a robot rather than a thinking human being. I thought the purpose of the House was to be truly representative of the people of each district, to vote according to what’s best for the residents of New Hampshire.

We need an unbiased group, like the League of Women Voters, to provide less biased information about all candidates.



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