N.H. Voter videos: What’s important to you?

Monitor staff
Tuesday, November 08, 2016

It was a busy day as voters shuffled in and out of their polling places, some trying to cast their ballot before heading to work while others slipped out of work for a short break to vote. Several voters stuck around the polls all morning and afternoon holding signs for the candidates they hope to place in office. For some it was their first time voting, but for all it was an election they couldn't imagine missing.

Holly and Nakayla of Laconia voted for the first time on Tuesday and both decided to support Donald Trump for president. For Holly, 34, it was her first time casting a ballot. "I voted for Donald Trump because I think we need a change," she said.

Claudia Rein, a Concord Democrat, said "it makes me sick just to think about" a Trump presidency. She said Trump is the epitome of "everything I despise" about the rich and powerful in society.

Karen Troon of Loudon shared her thoughts on the presidential race and why she supports Donald Trump. "Women need to be strong and we need to stand together," she said. "We're not a bunch of despicable people."

Dan Jordan of Tilton was a Bernie Sanders supporter in the primary, but Tuesday he was holding signs for third-party candidate Jill Stein outside the polls at Winnisquam Regional High School. "I believe she's an honest candidate," he said.

Don is a Tilton Democrat supporting Hillary Clinton. He described her as a leader who can be a "uniter, not a divider."

Harry Bean of Gilford shared his thoughts on immigration, one of the top issues he finds most important in this election. He said Clinton's attack on Trump's immigration policy as racist was misguided.

Stephen Lewis, a Concord resident attending college in Maine, doesn't favor Clinton or Trump and said this election has been "very ridiculous." What this election truly shows, he said, is a need to consider reform in the electoral process.

Carole Roberge of Concord shared her thoughts on the importance of voting and the harm of sitting out on Election Day.