Letter: Thoughts on filling out absentee ballot

Published: 8/11/2020 12:01:23 AM

I’ve filled in the ovals, being ever so careful not to color outside the lines. I’ve “executed the affidavit” on the smaller, inner envelope. I didn’t have to write my name, address, and place of domicile on the larger, outer envelope (thank you, city of Concord!) Later today, I will hand deliver my 2020 New Hampshire primary ballot to my polling place.

I must say, I felt a little guilty, almost as if I was mocking those in the special needs community, when I signed on the line stating “I have a disability” as my reason for voting absentee this year, based on my concerns over COVID-19.

And I can’t help but wonder, have my liberty and freedom just been trampled on? Have I – a “sovereign citizen” – just been oppressed? In my birth state of Vermont, if you want an absentee ballot, you just ask for one, fill it out, and return it. You don’t have to justify yourself.

How is this “Live Free or Die”?




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