Letter: Condescension on WMUR

Saturday, December 16, 2017
Condescension on WMUR

The 11 o’clock news on WMUR Tuesday night reported that a lawsuit is being filed to stop New Hampshire Motor Speedway from going ahead with the concert – unrelated to a race – that NHMS is planning for 2018. I found the reporter’s tone disturbingly condescending and contemptuous of the parties filing the lawsuit.

I believe that these people deserve, instead, to be commended for following the law and for their (perhaps naive) expectation that others (NHMS and the town of Loudon) do so as well. It seems peculiar that WMUR, which generally is very much pro law and order, presents these litigants, who are requesting that a legal covenant be honored, in a negative light.

WMUR’s report also left the clear implication that any economic damage to the area, if the concert does not occur, would be the fault of the litigants. This does not even begin to tell the whole story. I would think that WMUR might be ashamed to support an organization for whom economic gain seems more important that respecting their neighbors and the law.

It is my opinion that the litigants mentioned on this evening’s report deserve a public apology from WMUR for the disrespectful way in which they were presented. I, for one, commend them for having the courage to file this David vs. Goliath lawsuit.