Letter: An act of kindness by city officer

Published: 9/16/2020 12:01:14 AM

Last Saturday evening I was in downtown Concord enjoying the beautiful art display on the State House lawn. It was a quiet and peaceful evening. I phoned my mother and was talking to her about how nice it was when I noticed a police SUV pull over on Main Street.

I watched an officer get out and approach a man of color who was sitting on the bench in front. Because of the recent unrest, I was particularly alert to the action. Then the officer handed the gentleman a bag, they exchanged a few words, and the officer turned to leave. Inside the bag was food for the man on the bench.

I was beyond moved. I am nearly crying as I write about this. There was no media, no cell phone filming – nothing more than someone being kind to someone else.

There is a saying that I’ve loved: “We are all just walking each other home.” During these trying times in America there are people who get it. I mentioned something to the officer to let him know that he really made my day. His answer was simply, “I like to help out when I can.”

Well, he helped more than just giving the food to the man. He helped me, too.



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