Letter: The gun range question

Tuesday, December 12, 2017
The gun range question

Dad, should a gun range open in Warner? Explaining my opinion to my young kids is no easy task. They see good guys and bad guys, but it’s my job to help them see the perspective of both sides. In our country, state and even now in Warner, we are losing our ability to see both sides. So here is my plan.

Kids, our family chooses not to own guns. That doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with our neighbors or friends, who are responsible gun owners. On Wednesday, officials in our town may decide to allow an indoor gun range to open. If approved that will mean more guns in our town. Sometimes people use guns to hurt people or themselves. Sometimes they do this because they have a mental illness. New Hampshire doesn’t have enough doctors or services to help people who have a mental illness. That makes me nervous to have more guns in our town.

While I am nervous, research shows that gun ranges themselves are safe. There are only rare times where people hurt themselves at gun ranges. Also the gun range could mean more jobs and money to support the town.

Should a gun range open in Warner? Three years ago, we drove through Warner to decide if it would be our new home town. We fell in love with the village that was so perfectly balanced with restaurants, small shops and even a bookstore. Would we have still chosen Warner if we passed a gun range? Probably not.



(An earlier version of this letter misstated the date of the gun range meeting. It is Wednesday.)