Letter: Watching in disbelief

Tuesday, November 07, 2017
Watching in disbelief

President Trump, his administration and the Republicans in Congress are determined to undermine the Affordable Care Act for political purposes without consideration for the negative consequences and without reasonable alternatives for millions of Americans. Their actions to undercut the ACA inevitably raise health-coverage costs for all Americans.

It is no wonder that the direction and tone of the executive branch and Congress are giving governors reason to be alarmed. They see the devastating effects on the citizens of their states and their state’s budget resulting from recent executive orders. Proposed legislation will only make things worse.

Is not a healthy community to everyone’s benefit? Should not every person in the country have access to quality affordable health care? I believe that every American deserves health care coverage as good as those in Congress who now have access to subsidized health insurance plans through the D.C. Health Exchange and would be eligible to purchase health plans through Federal Employee Health Benefits program if the ACA is repealed. Health care is not free, it never was nor will it be. Good health care for all should be considered the “cost of doing business” by an enlightened society.

Quality, affordable health insurance allows people to go to doctors when they are sick and access preventative care to detect or address health problems before they become more serious. President Trump needs to stop playing politics with health care, and Republicans in Congress need to stand up to his sabotage.