Letter: What have we become?

Published: 7/1/2019 12:01:15 AM

Baby jails? We now have baby jails in this country?? We now have 300 children (and more?), many of them infants and toddlers, imprisoned in squalor? In the United States?

These children come seeking refuge with their loved ones. With a grandmother or an uncle. They come with family who can offer comfort and protections as they make their way to our country to try to escape the violence and poverty of their homelands.

And we tear these children away from their protectors?

It is incomprehensible. Who are we? What are we becoming? It doesn’t have to be this way.

Families can be kept together. Careful vetting can determine those cases where children are being trafficked. People can be treated with dignity and care. We can hire more judges to hear asylum cases. We can provide small, nonprofit, residential shelters for truly unaccompanied children. We can care for the strangers among us.

And we can tell our congressional representatives to appropriate funds for human needs and dignity, not for more enforcement of abhorrent policies.



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