Letter: Whitewashing history

Published: 6/26/2020 12:01:19 AM

If you teach media literacy, social studies or critical thinking to New Hampshire learners, take a look the piece “Early settlers arrive in Concord” (Sunday Monitor Your Life, June 21). It is a quality example of how to whitewash history, and how to build pride in white folks about their community’s past through word choice and omissions.

Why does the article omit that slave labor was used in Concord? It chronicles the difficulties of white men, but doesn’t mention the people they enslaved who likely did the hardest work. Why does the piece paint white folks as victims protecting their property from aggressors, when in reality we came here and stole the home of the Abenaki? What systems and institutions are the editors keeping in place by running such a whitewashed history?

It’s 2020, and time to wake up to these tactics. I hope editors do better in the future.



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