Letter: Why Y2K was ‘uneventful’

Published: 3/26/2020 12:01:25 AM

Katy Burns perpetuates a common misconception when she says that “nothing much happened” around Y2K (Sunday Monitor Forum, March 22). In one sense, she is correct that it was uneventful. But the Y2K issue was not overblown. As a retired computer programmer, I know it was uneventful because governments and businesses knew it was an impending issue and took steps to prevent it from becoming a serious problem. No one notices the disaster that didn’t happen because it was anticipated and planned for.

Contrast that with the pandemic we’re facing now. The New York Times reported just last week about “Crimson Contagion,” the pandemic exercise completed by the Trump administration less than a year ago. The exercise exposed all of the weaknesses we’re seeing play out now with life or death consequences. So when Donald Trump tells you that no one could have predicted a situation like this, well, just add it to the more than 16,000 lies that have already come out of his mouth.

The takeaway from all of this has to be that inconvenient truths are no less truthful because of their inconvenience, and if we want competence from our government, we have to insist on it at the ballot box.



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