Letter: Repeal zoning in Pittsfield

Published: 11/6/2018 12:01:16 AM

To the good citizens of Pittsfield: I went to another zoning board meeting the other night.

I ought to have my head examined. It’s stuff like, to the majority of the board, forced consent means consent, and by one member, recusing yourself without having the decency to explain why to the applicant.

These meetings remind me of the military, where you are required to follow the U.S. Code of Military Justice. Our zoning ordinance is getting stricter by the year. We keep voting in more restrictions.

I find if you repeat “repeal zoning” 100 times, it starts to become appealing. If you say it 400 times, you’re hooked.

I believe through state politics we can fund our school adequacy grant from $3,500 to $18,400 per student, thereby equalizing our school tax rate with the entire state. (I said this only 10 times and I’m hooked.)

I believe through politics we can repeal zoning, get our land use freedoms back and get more “boom town.”

I’m thinking there is hope.



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