College, adult learners continue partnership

  • President of Colby Sawyer College, Sue Stuebner, and John Ferries, president of the Adventures in Learning program, sign the memo of understanding. Courtesy

Published: 8/31/2018 3:03:22 PM

Adventures in Learning and Colby-Sawyer College have been collaborating as partners for 19 years. Underpinning this partnership is a legal memorandum of understanding which sets forth their working relationship. It was originally drafted and adopted by both organizations in 2000, signed by the presidents of Colby-Sawyer and Adventures In Learning, and approved by the board of directors of both organizations.

It has been updated twice since then to incorporate changing circumstances. The most recent update took place earlier this year and was signed by Sue Stuebner, president of CSC and John Ferries, president of AIL. The current version states clearly that the CSC/AIL relationship is thriving and both parties will continue to create fresh opportunities to enhance the work of the other (thus deepening the partnership).

Stuebner said “Colby-Sawyer is proud to be a partner with Adventures in Learning for 20 years. What began as an idea by Professor Emerita Hillary Cleveland for engaging the talented New London community in life-long learning has evolved into a robust array of courses and lectures. The AIL course leaders and participants are excellent role models for all of us at Colby-Sawyer about the importance of intellectual engagement and community involvement. We look forward to welcoming and hosting AIL participants for years to come.”

It also confirms that AIL is a program functioning under the auspices of and in accord with the mission and policies of Colby-Sawyer College. AIL reports to the vice president of advancement of Colby-Sawyer College, but operates under its own board of directors.

Colby-Sawyer and AIL share complementary missions. The Colby-Sawyer mission states “offering undergraduate and graduate educational programs based in the liberal arts and sciences and designed to prepare students for their professions and lives of ongoing learning.” The AIL mission states “provide lifelong learning experiences for adults with an interest in the world of ideas and who wish to continue their intellectual growth.”

In 2016, CSC named the state-of-the-art classroom in Lethbridge Lodge in honor of AIL in recognition of the $42,000 in pledges by individual AIL members to the new Colby-Sawyer College art building campaign. This classroom is being used as the dedicated AIL classroom on campus for its classes and special programs. These agreements are incorporated in the current MOU.

“Our growing partnership with Colby-Sawyer College ensures a dynamic future for AIL,” said John Ferries, “I hope that it will also mean more members of our community will be able to interact with Colby-Sawyer College and appreciate the amazing educational initiatives they are undertaking.” As AIL celebrates 20 years of lifelong learning experiences for adults, the organization also looks to the future and continued success and a strong partnership with Colby-Sawyer College.

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