Canterbury: Voters to address dam, recycling

  • ABOVE: The recycling platform for the town of Canterbury is shown Thursday.

  • LEFT: Voters will be asked to approve $25,000 for the replacement of the dam at Turning Mill Pond on the Shaker Village property. The pond holds water used in case of fires in the area.

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Published: 3/14/2019 4:01:43 PM

Hot topic: Towns and cities have discontinued portions of their recycling programs, and in some cases ended them altogether as the market for recycled material continues to plummet. A petition warrant article asks voters to make sure Canterbury doesn’t become one of them.

“Canterbury has a long history of environmental stewardship,” reads Article 19, the last on the town warrant. “We request Canterbury continue to recycle all available materials even when there might be a negative financial impact.”

For years, towns have been able to sell their recycled goods and use the money to offset the costs of the program or even make a profit. Once China stopped buying American recycling due to contamination, it’s become cheaper in many places to discard recyclables and haul them away as trash.

The petitioners in Canterbury argue that less recycled paper means increased production of new paper products, which is “one of the most harmful industries on earth.” Burning recyclables as trash has its own environmental costs, creating more carbon dioxide per ton than burning coal.

Even the solid waste committee is divided on the issue. The petitioners hope the town’s past history of environmentally friendly decisions will outweigh a simple cost analysis when it comes to recycling.

Budget: The proposed budget for the town is $2,785,539, which is an increase of 6.6 percent or $173,153 over the current budget.

Noteworthy articles: Voters will be asked to approve $25,000 for the replacement of the dam at Turning Mill Pond. This article was also by petition but is not recommended by selectmen.

When and where: Meeting will be held at 7 p.m. Friday, March 15, at the Canterbury Elementary School.

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