Online system will provide wait times at state’s busiest DMV offices, including Concord

Monitor staff
Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Waiting at the DMV is nobody’s idea of fun, but the state hopes that telling people how long they will have to wait in line might ease the psychological burden.

Using a queuing system launched in September, on Thursday the Division of Motor Vehicles will begin displaying an online list of how many people are in line at its five biggest offices, including in Concord, and the typical wait time one should expect.

The display is expected to launch at nh.gov/dmv as of Thursday.

“We’re going to provide that information on our website so people can take a look and say, ‘It looks like it will take half an hour,’ and plan for it ... or if that’s not possible, come another day,” DMV spokesman Larry Crowe said.

Under the queuing system, people get a ticket when they enter the DMV office and get called when it’s their turn, so it’s not necessary to stand in line.

The new system keeps track of the time that ticket is issued and the time that the person is called to the service counter, providing both a count of the number of people waiting to be served and a list of waiting times.

The website will display the longest wait time that has occurred since the count was last updated, Crowe said. Those updates will happen several times a day.

The DMV noted that certain times are busier at most offices, including the first and last weeks of the month, especially Mondays and Fridays. Wait times tend to be shortest in midmorning and midafternoon.