Freezing, slushy mess causes problems around the region

  • Ice forms on small branches on trees near the New Hampshire Historical Society building on Park Street in Concord on Tuesday. GEOFF FORESTER / Monitor staff

Monitor staff
Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Rain that froze on contact with cold surfaces led to slick roads, downed tree branches that contributed to scattered power outages, and many canceled events throughout New Hampshire on Tuesday.

The icy rain began overnight in most of southern New Hampshire as temperatures hovered around freezing, conditions that allow rain to fall as water and then freeze after it lands.

Slick coatings of ice built up on sidewalks and roads, so quickly that it was hard for crews to respond. Numerous crashes were reported around the state and throughout New England.

Most alarmingly, video caught a school bus full of children sliding sideways down a residential road in Sutton, Mass., crashing over a mailbox before hitting a car and coming to a halt. Three people were injured, none seriously.

Afterschool activities were canceled for many school districts, including Concord and Merrimack Valley.

Among places affected by power issues was Pats Peak Ski Area, which shut down Tuesday afternoon citing “power issues in the Henniker area.”

Rain is expected to continue into the night, with temperatures dropping, making it hard to clear off roads.