Letter: What divisiveness looks like

Published: 7/22/2021 7:00:16 AM

If his letter (Monitor, 7/16) is any indication, clearly Bill Bunker is having difficulty adjusting to the new political realities. In his typical “kettle calling the pot black” approach, he practices divisiveness while criticizing President Biden for being divisive. Mr. Bunker contends that the president demonized 48% of the country because he used the word “demonization” in a speech to describe one of the elements that has divided our country. Clearly the president wasn’t “demonizing” 48% of the country which, as Mr. Bunker argues, includes America’s hard-working people.

I would argue that Biden’s reference is to fringe “crazies” who float conspiracy theories, like saying democrats are meeting secretly to kidnap children and sacrifice them in blood rituals. Or that Jews caused wildfires in the west by using lasers from outer space. It’s clear Mr. Bunker has not adjusted to the fact that former president “he who shall not be named,” lost the election by some 7 million votes. Mr. Bunker also cites various examples of so-called “voter fraud.” However, all of these examples have been debunked universally by everyone from the Supreme Court to “he who shall not be named’s” own attorney general to Republican state officials who oversaw the ballot counting and found little of substance, let alone fraud. Nevertheless, Mr. Bunker still clings to the Big Lie and shows us just what divisiveness looks like.

Chuck Annal



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