Letter: Redistricting

Published: 10/24/2021 7:00:24 AM

I attended a forum on redistricting recently put on by the committee that’s handling this issue. This has become a pretty hot topic due to the fact that one party gets to draw the lines that make up voting districts for the next 10 years. It has been done very unfairly in the past, giving a distinct advantage to one party over another. It made me think back on being a track coach for several years and wondering if I brought my team over to another school for a competition and they said the starting lines for the races are different for our team and yours. Your team will start back here and ours will start 50 feet up the track.

I would feel that is unfair competition and blatant cheating. Well, this setting the voting districts up to give yourself an advantage is also blatant cheating. The audience members at the forum spoke about the importance of doing it fairly, which would seem like such an obvious thing to do but yet it has not been done in the past. The about 100 attendees at the forum came because they felt it would not be done fairly, they did not come to congratulate the committee because of confidence in their ability to play fair. Just like a track coach going to a track meet who expects the races to be run fairly, we all expect our reps to run fair races and it seems like a shame to have to point that out.

Gary Evans



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