Letter: Schamberg listens and is a clear communicator

Published: 10/21/2020 12:01:31 AM

I urge all Sutton and Wilmot voters to cast their ballots for Rep. Tom Schamberg for state representative.

I regularly contact Rep. Schamberg about a variety of issues. He has always responded to my emails or letters. We have often shared similar views on issues. There are times when Rep. Schamberg raises concerns, asks me questions, or states that he needs to listen to the House testimony before deciding how he will vote on an issue. His responses to me are always forthright and respectful.

I am grateful for Rep. Schamberg’s columns in our local weekly paper. These columns were especially helpful this past legislative session when the legislature was functioning remotely. The columns kept me informed and gave me a sense of his perspective on a variety of policy issues.

He is a seasoned legislator. He knows how the political process works in Concord. The Legislature has had to modify how it operates to keep our legislators and the public safe. Rep. Schamberg knows how to function within these changes, and can immediately focus on the legislation critical to the people of our two towns.

Martha Hunt


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