Letter: Help from former President Trump needed

Published: 5/16/2021 8:00:17 AM

Since the November general election there have been two interesting polls about vaccine hesitancy and political party affiliation. The online Civiqs poll of 68,000 people showed that 56% of white Republicans were unsure or not planning to vaccinate vs. 7% of white Democrats. Another poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation asked nearly 2,000 people “who do you most trust to give you reliable COVID-19 vaccine information?” and also asked for their political affiliation. Both Republicans and Democrats answered at the top “your own doctor or health care provider” (81% and 93%). For Republicans, ranked close at 78%, was former President Trump. For Democrats, second place was shared by Dr. Fauci and President Biden.

I’m not a fan of former President Trump, but he did help our country start what has turned out to be, compared to the rest of the world, a successful vaccine rollout. One could say even at warp speed. I would like to think the former President is concerned enough about his legacy and would like to take credit for getting us on the right path in regard to saving lives by getting us all safe and effective vaccines. With so many of his followers planning not to get vaccinated, and many of them still believing and trusting him, I am hoping he would act to get his followers vaccinated. He could do this by making a large public announcement urging his followers to help themselves, their families, their friends and the whole country by getting vaccinated. It would do so much good in getting us through the final hurdle of this epidemic, which in my mind means obtaining herd immunity. I hope he has the soul and courage to do this.

Nick Perencevich


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