Letter: January 6 commission

Published: 6/13/2021 8:00:53 AM

Jonathan Baird’s clear and concise condemnation of the senate’s vote on an independent January 6 commission hits the nail on the head (Monitor, 6/7). Trumpublicans (the former Republican party) spread lies, not truth. They vote lies, not truth. The revisionist history of the 2020 presidential election and attempted far right coup d’état on January 6 (It was really Antifa!) is right out of the Nazis’ playbook.

Does no one remember (or no one learned) that when the Nazis burned the Reichstag, they blamed it on the communists? Members of the former Republican party who see the lies for what they are do not have the gumption to break away from Trumpublicans and form a new party, thereby whitewashing this radical attack on the Constitution. Anyone who fails to stand up to these lies is complicit. The only thing missing from Sinclair Lewis’ famous quote that when fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag, is that the flag is the Trump flag. Unless the former Republican party has the courage to repudiate it.

Sheila Zakre



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