Letter: Rebuild at Rundlett

Published: 11-24-2023 7:00 AM

America increasingly feels like a place where the will of the people no longer matters. Contrary to what our founders envisioned, it seems like those in power are making decisions that run counter to what a majority of Americans want. This is happening at the national level regarding abortion and gun laws, for example. If you want a more local example, you only need look to the Concord School Board and its insistence that we build their new middle school in the Broken Ground wilderness off Curtisville road, rather than on the existing site. My wife and I attended a public hearing on the options back in August. Over 90% of those who filled a meeting room at the Citywide Community Center spoke in favor of building on the existing site.

Local groups like the Concord Greenspace Coalition have also come out in favor of that same option. And why not? It’s the only sane option in my opinion. It’s more cost-effective, because land does not have to be cleared first. It’s safer, because of sidewalks and traffic patterns. And it’s more environmentally-friendly, because you don’t have to clear-cut valuable wildlife habitat near sensitive wetland areas to have a new middle school. I urge all residents of Wards 9 and 10 to contact the Concord School Board and tell them to build on the existing Rundlett site, as the alternative will bring increased traffic snarls, endanger the lives of children, and negatively impact what little wilderness remains in East Concord.

Dan Williams


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