Letter: Politicians that live down to expectations

Published: 12-05-2023 6:00 AM

Do we really want Andy Sanborn to run a charitable gaming casino? A retired state senator who has been accused of harassment and bribery. He and his wife, Rep. Laurie Sanborn, allegedly fraudulently requested, received and spent pandemic funds to improve their lifestyle, ie: high end cars, car parts and 27 years prepaid rent on his other business. AG John Formella said Sanborn and his business are “not suitable to be associated with charitable gaming in New Hampshire.” Sanborn also received funds from the ‘Main Street Relief Fund’ for small businesses.

Why do we continue to elect these damaged and defective politicians? Do we think that after they get in office they can be ‘fixed’? That doesn’t work with spouses and it won’t work with our politicians. Individuals who grope dates during plays, who rip off donors to line their own pockets and work against democracy are politicians that do the same. American citizens continue to elect some inferior individuals, those with no morals or standards. I just hope that voters are willing to change the trend of voting for losers, greedy and damaged politicians.

Kimberly Pooler


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