Residents trapped in their homes after intense rain could be a harbinger of things to come 


Monitor staff

Published: 06-26-2023 5:22 PM

Sections of Mathews Road in Alexandria looked more like a riverbed than a once-paved road after torrential rains swept through the area, leaving areas impassible and residents stranded.

“We’re trapped up here,” resident Hillary Seeger said Monday.

At the top of Mathews Road, where Seeger lives, water eroded the shoulder exposing uneven chunks of gravel and tar. But at the bottom of the hill, after the water picked up speed, it was even worse.

All the damage prevented Seeger and several of her neighbors from making it to work Monday morning while police and road work crews assessed the situation and began making repairs.

But Seeger said with a laugh that it’s not a very good excuse to miss work since her boss who lives in the neighboring town, Bridgewater, could give her a ride if she just walked to the bottom of the hill. 

“We’re blessed with a great community,” said Seeger. She said neighbors reached out to one another to check on how everyone was doing since they were cut off from the rest of town.

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Monday’s extreme storm may foreshadow the week ahead as the National Weather Service has warned of hazardous weather and possible flooding in New Hampshire and Maine.

Mathews Road, Plumbers Road and King Road were rendered impassible due to the damage from the flooding, according to the Alexandria Police Department, which encouraged residents to sit tight as crews worked to repair the roads. By midday, Foster’s Pond Road had been partially re-opened.  

Heavy rain is predicted to continue throughout much of the state into Tuesday morning. Through Friday, the forecast calls for showers, heavy rain and thunderstorms.