Trip of huge transformer postponed to Tuesday due to weather

  • A transformer awaits shipment to Deerfield. Courtesy

Saturday, April 14, 2018

The planned “supermove” of a half-million-pound electric transformer on Monday morning has been delayed to Tuesday, due to slippery roads from the storm expected Sunday.

The transformer is being taken from a railyard in Manchester to the substation in Deerfield, a 24-mile trip that will take about half a day, traveling atop an 18-axle motorized trailer traveling at less than 15 mph.

The trip is now slated to begin just after midnight on Tuesday morning and last until early afternoon. The trip will travel on Interstate 93, Route 27 in Hooksett, Route 43 in Candia and Deerfield, and Route 107 in Deerfield.

David Brooks