WMS Winter Carnival

  • John Stark students help Weare students make Mardi Gras masks. (From left) sitting: JSRHS Hannah Marquis, WMS students Ariana Johnstone and Jordyn Lemay. (Standing) JSRHS student Sarah Ferguson Courtesy

  • John Stark students assist with an Eiffel Tower mural, which will be displayed at John Stark on Thursday. (From left) JSRHS French teacher Patricia Chiquelin, John Stark students Aria Ulmer and Lauren LaChance, WMS students Jocelyn Stoll and AJ Detone. Courtesy

  • Weare Middle School and John Stark students snowshoe in the woods. Courtesy of Bronda Crosby

Friday, February 02, 2018

Twenty-two students from the John Stark Regional High School French Honor Society hosted this year’s Winter Carnival (Carnaval d’hiver) in mid-January for the Weare Middle and Center Woods Upper Elementary students.

Winter Carnival takes place each year in Quebec, Canada, and is a time to have fun, play games, go outdoors, and show off your artistic and creative skills. The John Stark French students hoped to re-create this event at the Weare School by offering a variety of activities ranging from French Bingo, Petanque (a version of Bocce ball), baking Madeleine cookies, snowshoeing, painting a mural, and other fun French-themed activities.