Letter: Dube for school board

Tuesday, September 26, 2017
Dube for school board

Concord is an amazing place to raise children. We have a welcoming community, exceptional parks and a beautifully renovated Main Street. Now it’s time to put our schools on the list of reasons for young families to move here and stay. That starts with early childhood education, including full-day kindergarten, but it doesn’t end there. As a progressive community with the eyes of the state upon us, we should lead the way in proactive programs that equalize opportunity and increase the chance of success for every student.

That’s why I’m running for school board.

I’m running because I have one son in elementary school and one entering kindergarten next year. I believe passionately in the responsibility of the community to shape our shared future through the service of public education. But believing isn’t enough. As an experienced corporate and nonprofit leader, I have the business acumen to bring measurable, research-driven decision making to the board.

In my current role as vice president of communications for the Housing Partnership Network, I have a front-row seat watching the interconnection between where you live, the quality of your school, the connectedness of your community and your chances for lifelong success. Decisions about our schools impact all of us. If elected, that’s the perspective I’ll bring to the board.

Growing up, my mom was always busy campaigning for someone or something. She even served as a state representative during my elementary school years. Seeing her work to make our world better stuck with me and shaped my career. And that’s what I want to do for my kids, and every kid in our community.