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The Insiders: A day of resistance and fun in Concord

Ben Conant and Keith Testa, the Concord Monitor's Insiders. 

(SAMANTHA GORESH / Monitor Staff))

Ben Conant and Keith Testa, the Concord Monitor's Insiders. (SAMANTHA GORESH / Monitor Staff))

Do you hate President Obama? Maybe you think he was born in Kenya. Maybe you think he’s coming to pry your guns from your cold, dead fingers. Or maybe you just hate universal health care. Well, no matter the reason, you are in luck today! The National Day of Resistance movement descends upon Concord from noon to 2 p.m., bringing with it 10, dozens, or if Facebook is to be believed, hundreds of like-minded individuals.

Look for a crowd out in front of the State House openly carrying firearms and protesting the president today (which is 2/23, or as event organizers put it, “.223,” the caliber of bullet fired by most assault rifles). Of course, Concord is such a great city free from tyrannical oppression that you might as well make a liberty-lovin’ day of it! Start off by parking anywhere downtown – there’s free parking on Saturdays (that sounds like welfare, socialism or both)!

Then, stop by Flag Works Over America to pick up an American flag. That way no one can question your patriotism. Hop over to United Shoe Repair to get a little work done on your soles (not treading on people is tough on shoe leather!). Finish off your pre-protest by heading into Bicentennial Square for a nice tea party at True Brew.

∎ ∎ ∎

Once the protest is complete (and, we assume, President Obama has resigned due to the overwhelming opposition), there are even cooler activities on tap in our fair city! Everett Arena hosts a hometown hockey doubleheader between Bishop Brady and Concord High. Girls’ squads take the ice at 5:30 p.m.; the boys’ teams follow that game at 7:30 p.m. Even with the Bishop Brady boys sitting at 1-16 on the season, the battle for a win over their crosstown rivals could make things interesting.

Round out the evening at the Purple Pit for the jazz stylings of Mr. Nick and the Dirty Tricks at 8.

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