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Homeless man pleads guilty to disorderly conduct from night Paul Tinkham was found injured

The 26-year-old man who Paul Tinkham told the police had beat him in the head shortly before his death at a Concord homeless camp pleaded guilty yesterday to a disorderly conduct charge issued Aug. 6, the night Tinkham was found severely injured.

Sean Ladd, a homeless man, was sentenced to 90 days of incarceration, 88 of which were suspended upon good behavior and two of which have already been served, said state police prosecutor James Shepard.

Ladd had been free on personal recognizance bail, according to a court record. His bail conditions required that he live with his grandparents in Warner and have no contact with his girlfriend, 31-year-old Anna Heine, who was living in the homeless camp and was also arrested the night Tinkham was injured.

Ladd has not been charged in connection with Tinkham’s injuries, but records show he was being investigated for first-degree assault in the days before Tinkham died. Officials have also said he has been under investigation for assault since the night Tinkham was injured.

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I don't understand. Why is this man free when he pleaded guilty to killing Paul Tinkham. He died from a fractured skull according to your other articles. He must pay for the crime or is it okay for homeless people to kill other homeless people and get away with it! I certainly hope he is arrested again as soon as all the facts are in for a charge of murder.

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