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Letter: Shaheen supports efforts to make college affordable

As a New Hampshire educator, as well as the parent of a college student, I am writing in support of Sen. Jeanne Shaheen’s re-election.

Shaheen has shown her commitment to the long-term education of New Hampshire students as far back as her tenure as governor.

Her assistance in launching New Hampshire’s tax-free 529 college tuition program has helped encourage families save for college.

This has proven to be a successful program.

But with complex problems such as trying to further one’s education in a state where the in-state tuition is the third highest in the nation, we need a multi-pronged solution.

We must make it easier for New Hampshire students to remain in the state for education and jobs by passing legislation that will make it more affordable without causing more of a burden on taxpayers.

Shaheen supports these efforts to help students keep their loan debt low, so they can live out a future that benefits all of New Hampshire.

Her effort to further legislation that attacks the problems at all levels shows that she is aware that this is not a simple problem solved with a simplistic approach.

Shaheen gets things done. She is invested in and committed to New Hampshire students. She is the person I want in the U.S. Senate.



Legacy Comments1

Shaheen created the mess to begin with. Her vote took education funding and made it a govt bureaucracy.HEADLINE "Student-Debt Crisis Debunked"

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