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Letter: Don’t let polluters win

Flash floods warnings across the state this week are coming on the heels of the fifth wettest July in history for the Granite State.

But as crazy as the weather seems right now, extremes today could be the new normal for future generations tomorrow unless we rein in pollution.

We know what we have to do: limit carbon from the largest sources – our power plants – and shift to clean energy like wind, solar and energy efficiency. And that’s just what the Environmental Protection Agency would do under the newly proposed Clean Power Plan.

But instead of letting EPA do its job, polluters’ allies in Congress have introduced no fewer than six bills to block the EPA’s Clean Air Act authority to tackle global warming.

Sen. Kelly Ayotte has distinguished herself from many in her party by defending the Clean Air Act in the past – now she should lend her support to the Clean Power Plan and focus on helping New England transition to cleaner energy.



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The defining of carbon dioxide as a pollutant is nonsense. Carbon dioxide is a clear, colorless, odorless gas that is essential to life on this planet.

Those bills were introduced because global warming is a political issue and overblown so that progressives can attempt to control the behavior of others. It is no where near as dire as those who want to control people and their choices and behavior would like you to think.

Climate change is now the bonafide religion of the democrats. As such, it should be regulated much like Christianity and Judasim and be subject to the same constitutional prohibitions under church and state.

Gee....this is the first time the deniosphere has tied CAGW to religion. And, exactly HOW is Christianity and Judaism regulated? And, didn't you want to include Islam??

Is denisosphere like the inquisition? Sounds familiar...these so called purveyors of truth, have been around for thousands of years and millions of deaths, burning witches, conducting inquisitions and ethnic cleansings. "... for punishment does not take place primarily and per se for the correction and good of the person punished, but for the public good in order that others may become terrified and weaned away from the evils they would commit."

Actually, you have it wrong. You guys are the status quo, the Catholic Church, so to speak, who refuse to believe in change and have a vested interest in keeping things as they have always been, just using up the earth's treasures. The scientists you are trying to silence are Martin Luther. But time will tell.

Precisely. The Deniosphere functions much like the Spanish Inquisitors did. They take things out of context, putting the most invidious spin on words via quote-mining; accuse their opponents of engaging in a vast conspiracy; they resort to deception and lies while loudly accusing others of the very behavior they routinely engage in.

Laurie...I now have to dump you into the same dust bin with Itsa, BPR, Sail, and Rabbit. You are all from the same deniosphere-and I'm not sure who released you. Your ilk have a difficult time understanding that tens of thousands of scientists have studied Earth's climates for decades and concluded that it is warming; the warming is due to increasing carbon dioxide; that man is the cause; that other possible causes of this warming has been investigated and found not to be the source; and that, worst case: our world may get so warm that many species, including humans, will suffer in many ways, including extinction. Some of us find such a possibility a great cause for concern. Apparently, the deniosphere doesn't.

why do liberals have to tell everyone what is mandatory to adhere to. Does Walter have solar panes for 100% of his electric - does Walter drive a biodiesel car and does Walter have geo thermal heat - NOPE just an old fuddy dutty living in the woods and living off a govt check.

the skeptical bones in liberals have disintegrated - they believe every HOAX the see on the news - PT Barnum would be proud of this bunch - " there is a sucker born everyday" HEADLINE: 1) "No Trend in Year-to-Date U.S. Climate Extremes Index Since Records Start" 2) BOMBSHELL: Study shows greenhouse gas induced warming dropped for the past 14 years. DEMOCRATS - THEY HAVE IDEAS SO POPULAR THEY HAVE TO MAKE THEM MANDATORY - LIBERALS ......SHEEEEEESH !

This climate change stuff really gets under your skin doesn't it? Can't let any challenge go unanswered. You must get paid really well for your efforts.

and you added to the debate with that ? - why do liberals always have to tell others how to live?

Be careful..should Mark Steyn lose his lawsuit...that kind of comment will get you sued.

Tillie, Tillie, you are again mistaken. Every challenge does indeed go unanswered. Because, because I say so, and just because - do not constitute answers. I have figured it out, it's about post counts not content. I don't 100% believe the climate doomsayers but I do 100% dismiss the deniers. There is only one constant in the deniosphere and that is ignorance and politics.

GCarson, not exactly sure what you mean. I know as soon as anyone says anything about climate change, BBR has to put his two cents in and the only reason I can imagine is because he is being well paid by the industry to stamp out any dissent.

Unless they're paying for quantity with no regard to quality, anybody who would pay Sail/BPR for his scribblings isn't getting his money's worth. He repeats the same nonsense over and over, is routinely rude and dismissive of others, produces daily non sequiturs, can't sustain a civil discussion of any sort, and on top of all that, gets "comment removed" pasted over his brain droppings more than any other poster.

BOMBSHELL: Study shows greenhouse gas induced warming dropped for the past 14 years. socialists ....sheeeesh

Madeline...you make good points. You will now be assaulted as being one of the CAGW-that is, you will be considered one who expounds Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming. Those who will assault you are members of the 'deniosphere'-that is, they ridicule the scientists who publish peer-reviewed reports which clearly show that man is producing gigatons more CO2 into the atmosphere than can be bound up in plant growth. This overproduction of CO2 in the atmosphere causes the stratosphere to warm as well as the oceans and this combination leads to the extreme weather you mention. What will be the biggest problem in the future is that the residence time for CO2, in the atmosphere, is estimated to be decades, maybe centuries. This will result in increasingly higher temperatures, around the Earth, for centuries, maybe millenia. Now, be prepared to be told of: climategate, 17 year pause, East Anglia, and a few other misinformations from the deniosphere, all of which have been shown to be false !!

LIBERALS ASSAULT AND DEMEAN DAILY - it is in their playbook - Rules for Radicals - Conservatives correct facts and misconceptions

Gee...only two of the deniosphere check in here. I expected at least four. Maybe some of them have actually learned something which helped them 'see the light'.

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