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Letter: Wrong answer on gun violence

Background checks are not the answer to the gun violence. Anyone who wants a gun can get one.

I myself was once a criminal. I had several guns at various times – none was legal. Criminals do not use legal guns.

The answer is in tracking the ammo they use. To buy ammo, walk into a sporting goods store, show some identification and you get bullets – no background check, no waiting period.

Also, why does the National Rifle Association say hunters can use armor-piercing rounds to hunt? How many deer, bear or moose wear a bullet-proof vest?

Background checks only hurt the legal gun owner, not the criminal.



Legacy Comments1

It is the gov't that is buying up all of the tactical rounds, not citizens. However, lets look the knowledge bases behind this proposal; ever heard of home reloading? Gun violence is down - thus who is pushing you to be more concerned about law-abiding citizens that assailants, rapists and murders? Why would they say, "hey look, the danger is in this directions when all evidence demonstrates its in that direction? Is somebody pushing such distraction your friend or are you a political pawn to them?

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