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Letter: Egregious violations of the Constitution

I am not surprised that the government has been recording our phone conversations or even reading our emails. However, it is almost laughable when members of Congress and the Obama administration defend such blatant and egregious violations of the federal Constitution. If our private conversations and emails are no longer safe from the prying eyes of the federal leviathan, at what point did they become the property of the government? Any member of Congress or agent of the government who conspired to carry out such activities ought to be charged with treason.

How can our liberties and rights be safeguarded if those vested with upholding and protecting the Constitution willingly violates it at every turn in the road? How long will the American people stand by idly as the federal government continues to steamroll over their rights? Originally the Constitution was to be the chain which would bind the government from committing such overt acts of tyranny.

The details of the spying program should send a clear message to the American people that their government is run by a bunch of knaves and scoundrels who will stop at nothing in order to monitor the activities of its citizens. When the nation’s rulers break the very laws that it has sworn to uphold, we no longer have a legally constituted government derived from the consent, but have instead reverted to outright despotism.

Lord Acton said it best: Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.



Legacy Comments2

Exactly which rights are being violated here out of curiosity? Contrary to popular opinion, there is no expectation of privacy well it comes to cell phone activity - never has been. While I am not advocating for this behavior, I am still curious how this is illegal given the wide ranging powers that fall under the Patriot Act. Freedom always comes with a price, its not free.

Egregious is putting it mildly. It is easy for Obama and Democrats to violate the Constitution because none of them realize that it is not a "pick and choose your rights" document. It is an absolute document. They only support the parts of the Constitution which meet their narrow world view.

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